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Amateur Porn Niche

The term "amateur" became popular in the late 80's thanks to the widespread use of the camcorder. Pornographic flicks were no longer made by an oligopoly of big studios but by smaller producers and every day people. The niche itself really took off in the 1990's, especially with the introduction of "gonzo" in the video market. The most notable producer in this era was Ed Powers with his dirty debutant line. And as we progressed into into the development of the internet, amateur productions flourished everywhere since not only camcorders but digital cameras became even more affordable. And since the internet has a democratic nature by itself, amateur porn exploded.

Currently, amateur porn is reflected in many of the so called "reality" sites. Also, amateur porn is not divided into many sub-categories, most notably interracial, creampie, gangbang, milf, and teens. And as broadband use continues to surge in the the US and the world, the amateur niche will continue to grow since the producer base grows and the barriers of entry are lowered.

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