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Hairy Pussy

Hairy pussy is considered a fetish among porn consumers. What was considered normal and natural before the 80's, has all of a sudden become an obsession among some men. After the early 1980's, people started to shave. For women, it was the armpits and legs but then it worked all the way to the pelvis area. And now since the 1990's, completely shaved women were considered more aesthetically pleasant than natural women. Even in men, there is a current tendency to shave or trim any body hair. But before long, hairy pussies will probably back in fashion.

In pornography, hairy pussy models are usually shown in pictures by themselves. But there is also a niche called hairy pussy creampie that was quite a lot of fans too, where a naturally unshaved pussy gets an internal cumshot and then the sperm drips out of the vagina.

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