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One of the questions I get asked the most is what is the best way to get laid. That question of course is a wide open question and what works for some might not work for others. Also, you have to take into account looks, personality, age, preferences, etc, etc. But I will share with you what has worked for me. I am not God's gift to women, I am an in my early 30's, fit, have an average but very functional cock, reasonable in looks and I have found that to get laid online the most effective is to use services like Adult Friendfinder and Sexy Ads. I also get laid (that is aside from the porn girls and swingers) by going to bars, clubs, etc, etc. But when it comes down to being effective and efficient, nothing beats online services. Before the internet I had gotten laid maybe with like 50 or so girls (I was 26) and by using these services I was able to fuck al least 200 women in the last 6-7 years that I would have never met had it not been for the internet. Of course not all of them were super hot girls but you get a lot of variety and that occasional hottie so to me the internet beats any bar, club, or any place else to get laid PERIOD. So now I sometimes find myself instead of going out to the nightclub or the bar, spending $10-20 for cover, buying drinks, etc. to get some pussy (that is IF I find available pussy), I sit down on the computer in my underwear (like I am doing right this minute) and work it for 2-3 hours and voila!! pussy will be on the horizon just like that. Also, the side benefit of using the computer is that I get to jerk off to some of the pictures. It is great to jerk off to a girl's picture that you never met and eventually meeting her.

So if you are a horny fucker like me give the following services a try and best of luck out there in having a gratifying sex life. The sites I have tried and personally recommend are:

Adult Friend Finder Just be careful with some of the fake profiles, takes a lot of writing but it can be really good. I found my first swinging experience there, attended my first gangbang from postings there, and overall I think I have fucked at least 100 women from AFF.

Here is a cheating girlfriend I fuck on a regular basis that I met from AFF. She has no idea she is posted here.


She came to meet me at a Starbucks but I had no idea she was wearing her panties up her slit like that. What a turn on when I lifted her skirt and saw her panties up her pussy like that. She was very wet when I felt her.. maybe it was me or the panty rubbing against her clit.. hmm.


I fucked her bareback after "loosing control".. she was a bit scared of me putting my dick inside her without the rubber at first but once that hard cock of mine was in, she started to moan instead, nothing like fucking a girl bareback. And next was her tight virgin ass, I fucked her ass until I came inside her bowels. And the interesting thing is that she went home to her man afterwards. If he only knew what his hot little girlfriend was just doing "at her girlfriend's mom's house"...

Sexy Ads This site is more swinger oriented as opposed to AFF where there is a lot of people who want to get laid but that might not be swingers. If you are looking for group sex and the like this is a great place.

Here is a swinger wife I met from Sexy Ads

Here she is sucking my cock in the shower while her hubby was in the office

I ended up fucking her for at least two hours and I also came inside her multiple times. I have to thank the inventor of the internet for this, in fact, I should send him money for all the good times I have had because of it.. wasn't it Al Gore who invented the internet?

And in case you are wondering if this is actually true, go to my site and see me in action there :-) most girls on that site are porn starlets and I have the occasional swinger or a girl I met online featured.